Sexy Beast is a delicious and guilt-free drink that’s made form cold-pressed juice and is served below zero. No additives are used, enzymes from fruits and vegetables are preserved and contain original nutrients. It is also a potent beauty potion that will make one’s skin glow, boost energy and with the right combination of juices may be used as a cleanse that ranges from a 1-3 day detox.

Formulated by Nadine Tengco, the Philippines’ top Celebrity Food Coach, in collaboration with the country’s top juice solutions company, Sexy Beast aims to cater to the premium mass market. Making Nadine’s juices more accessible to the public.


The word, "Sexy", is part of the product name to state one of the main benefits of the juice when used as a cleanse. “Sexy” also has a thinner typeface than “beast” to elaborate on the brand promise.

The term, “Beast”, implies power. It gives emphasis on the brand’s all-natural nutrients that boost energy. The word, “Beast” comes in a bold font to symbolize toughness. 

The leaf in the product logo represents the fruits and vegetables that are included in the juicing process. Also, the leaf indicates freshness of the juice by having no additives and preservatives.