Kko Kko, is a homegrown brand conceptualized by Korean and TV personality, Grace Lee and her mother Soong Soon Ill. It was created with the goal of sharing Korea’s culture to Filipinos through good food.

The “Home of Seoul Chicken” needed a new look and feel to highlight its Korean Fried Chicken. The Korean Fried Chicken uses the double-fry method. This cooking method results in a crispier chicken skin, juicier and more flavorful meat with less grease.

Leung de Leon Marketing restyled and updated the Kko Kko logo by incorporating a chicken icon to the logo design. The revamped logo also highlights the mother-daughter tandem by using the first letter “O” in Kko Kko to create the mother hen while the 2nd letter “O” represents an egg. In addition, a brand pattern was created to showcase the restaurant’s wide variety of dishes, which include Korean Fried Chicken, Dosirak or bento meals, bibimbap, street food and their famous Chicken Cheese Fondue.

KKO KKO Home of Seoul Chicken